Tiny Race Series – Results and December 3 Routes

Last week’s Tiny Races with their “Tricky Mix” theme were indeed challenging, forcing riders to have not only the legs but the brains to come out on top. Timing was crucial, and many riders got it wrong… but some got it right!

Friend of ZI Nathan Guerra won Zone 3 A’s two weeks ago, so we encouraged him to try the more competitive Zone 2. He did it, and finished a respectable 5th, with Thrall and Bruhn from NeXT taking 1st and 2nd with a Tiny Racing masterclass. Watch Guerra and Thrall’s Tiny Race streams below – two incredibly gifted racers with varying strategies:

Last Week’s Results

Overall Winners

Zone 1 (9am UTC)

A: Joakim Lisson (POAuto)
B: Richard Shoebridge (EVO)
C: Paul Smith (ART)
D: Aleksei Nesterov*

Zone 2 (3pm UTC)

A: Thomas Thrall (NeXT pb ENSH)
B: Chris Hoelzl (WattFabrik)
C: Daniel Lundberg (eSRT)
D: Sickow Koved

Zone 3 (9pm UTC)

A: Oliver Dowd Restart)**
B: Kaj Emanuel (Team NL)
C: Michael Nechemia (Herd)
D: William Ng (Rhino)

*First Kinz tied with Aleksei for 1st, but Aleksei had more 1st place finishes, so gets the overall win.
** Joe Endersby (Electricspirit.co) tied with Oliver for 1st, but Oliver had a first-place finish and thus gets the overall win.

Women’s Winners

Zone 1 (9am UTC)

A: none
B: L Rainique (HERD)
C: Lyndsey Anderson (Electricspirit.co)
D: Jo Knight 63 (BSCC)

Zone 2 (3pm UTC)

A: Kristen Kulchinsky (Twenty24)
B: Naomi de Pennington (Twenty24)
C: Mona Kangasniemi (ZZRC)
D: Tiffany Saunders

Zone 3 (9pm UTC)

A: none
B: Deirdre Maloney (HGR)
C: Isabelle Auger (WSisters)
D: Maddy Vaughn (HERD)

This Week’s Routes: Getting Steeper…

This week’s routes begin flat, but the finishes get steeper with every race, adding insult to injury as your legs get increasingly tired. Who will have what it takes to finish first on the final race up the Leg Snapper?

  • Race 1: Neokyo Crit Course (1 lap, 4.7km)
    We start off with a fairly flat route, just to get the legs churning and hearts pumping. Will you go early on the Castle Park rise, or save it for the finish?
    • Powerup: Aero x2
  • Race 2: Volcano Circuit CCW (4.84km, ends at Volcano Circuit lap banner)
    Covering the lead-in section only, most of this course is flattish. But this finish is famous for being one of the most technical in all of Zwift! First you have the longish ramp that saps your legs and encourages early attacks…then there’s still a few hundred meters of twisting, slightly uphill road. Good legs will keep you in contention, but timing will get you the win!
    • Powerup: Feather
  • Race 3: Railways and Rooftops (5.44km, ends at Rooftop KOM banner)
    The reverse version of the Rooftop KOM in Neokyo isn’t an official segment, and it’s a rather unfamiliar climb to most Zwifters since few routes go this way. It’s also a very draftable climb, so we’re giving you a draft van. Because we care!
    • Powerup: Draft
  • Race 4: Innsbruckring (5.434km, ending atop Leg Snapper)
    Always a crowd favorite, Innsbruckring’s Leg Snapper is made even more dynamic when the race finishes at its top. Will you save your legs for that final effort, or try to sneak away early with the help of a ghost?
    • Powerup: Ghost

Sign up at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces

ZwiftPower Results

Zwift displays preliminary race results in game when you cross the line, but points are computed after all four races are finished, with final results on ZwiftPower. (We have to do some data processing on our side to compute results, so if your rankings don’t show up right away, be patient.)

Riders will earn points based on finish position in each of the 4 Tiny Races. The category winner of each week’s series is the rider with the most points across their timezone’s 4 races. Here are the links for each timezone’s results on ZwiftPower:


Tiny Race rules are simple. Four races, four rules:

  • You must have a ZwiftPower account, because final results are processed by ZwiftPower (learn how to sign up)
  • No skipping then returning. These races are meant to be raced as a set of 4. If you need to leave early, that’s fine… but once you miss a race in your hour’s set of 4, don’t come back and race another or you’ll be disqualified from that race since you rested while others were racing! (Example: racing only races 1 and 2 is fine. Racing 1, 2, and 4 is not – you will be DQ from race 4. And if you race 2, 3, and 4, you’ll be DQ from all those races, since you skipped race 1!)
  • Heart rate monitors are required for podium finishers
  • ZPower/Virtual power is not allowed. Smart trainer/smart bike or power meter required.

Join a Chat & Chill Cooldown

Immediately following each hour’s racing, we’ve scheduled 30-minute “Chat & Chill” events where riders from all categories can spin out their legs together and have some fun chatting about how it all went down. Find them at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces.

Questions or Comments

Post below!

Eric Schlange
Eric Schlangehttp://www.zwiftinsider.com
Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava


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Christopher Beattie
Christopher Beattie
11 months ago

Hey Eric have you ever noticed that the Zwift Power profile will extend past the finish line? Race 3 this week is a great example. It appears that the race goes all the way down the descent and then some before finishing.

11 months ago

sure its been covered before but can I cat up one race and back to mine for the others or is it same cat for all 4? I like to try and hang with big boys first race then I`m knackered.

11 months ago

may be an app problem, but I don’t see Tiny Race #1 for Z2 (9:00am Central)??

Mark O'Neal
Mark O'Neal(@moneal)
11 months ago

First time trying the Tiny Races. It was fun and different. I quickly realized that racing in B was not the way to go and did the 2nd two in C where at least I was somewhat competitive.

So you come to ZI for official results? I mean I DQ’d any way but am curious.

I wonder if Zwift will ever expand categories they way they did with the Pacebots?

Rob Bane
Rob Bane
11 months ago
Reply to  Eric Schlange


Great series as ever!

Are these the official results (for Z3)?

it’s a couple of months since I did one, but the points used to be 50 for 1st, 49 for 2nd etc. I think? Has it changed?

Rob Bane
Rob Bane
11 months ago
Reply to  Rob Bane

Ooops, meant to include the link:


Rob Bane
Rob Bane
11 months ago
Reply to  Eric Schlange

Thanks. Looks like I missed the series win by virtue to 2/1000ths of a second in race 2! Is that a record, I wonder? Good idea to have more of a premium on podiums, 3 4th places for me, though!

11 months ago

When’s the next one?

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