If your Zwift session encounters technical difficulties and you wonder if the problem is on your end or Zwift’s, check their real-time status monitor at status.zwift.com.

You can also follow @GoZwiftStatus on Twitter for real-time status updates.

The system monitors key Zwift services and delivers the current status of each:

  • Login: logging into Zwift, Zwift.com, and Zwift Companion
  • Ride: free riding in Zwift’s virtual worlds
  • Events: in-game signup, joining, and participation in events
  • Workouts: in-game workout activities and plans
  • Partner Connections: third-party connections such as Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks, etc as well as the Zwift API used by ZwiftPower

The status page also saves all incident history, so you can take a look at details for past events.