About this Week’s Steering-Required Races on Watopia’s Seaside Sprint

We’re in our final week running a small set of “steering required” races to test what it’s like to race on Zwift when everyone can steer.

Rider feedback has been generally positive, with Zwifters telling us that the racing feels more “immersive” and “strategic”. When you can cut a corner for a more efficient line, change lanes to shake off a wheelsucker, or adjust your position for maximum draft benefit things suddenly feel more engaging and interactive.

Related: read my “How the Race Was Won” post about the first week’s race >

This week we stay in Watopia but move to the Seaside Sprint route for some fresh roads. See details below!

Schedule and Route

This 4-week series has rotated to a different “steering-friendly” race course each week. For the final week we’re on Watopia’s Seaside Sprint for 4 laps. With lots of twists and turns and a crucial corner in the final sprint, skilled steering may be the difference-maker on this route.

Every week has 3 race events scheduled on different days/times for maximum availability. Here are the signup links for this week’s events:

  • Wednesday, July 12: 12 pm PDT // 3 pm EDT // 7 pm UTC // 5 am AEST (Thursday)
    Sign up here >
  • Saturday, July 15: 11 am PDT // 2 pm EDT // 6 pm UTC // 4 am AEST (Sunday)
    Sign up here >
  • Sunday, July 16: 1 am PDT // 4 am EDT // 8 am UTC // 6 pm AEST
    Sign up here >

Rules and Results

These are simple scratch races, and each race is a standalone event. Category enforcement will be used, with all categories starting together.

A smart trainer or power meter is required to enter (no virtual power racers).

Since we don’t need ZwiftPower for special post-race results processing, final results will be available on screen as soon as you cross the line.

Steering Required

Steering is required to enter the start pens for these race events, so when you log in to the game to join the event, make sure you have your steering device connected. When the join event prompt appears, you can only enter the event if you have a compatible steering device connected.

Zwift Play is quickly becoming the most popular steering device on Zwift, but you can also steer with the Elite Sterzo, JetBlack Smart Turn Block, Elite Rizer, Wahoo KICKR Bike, and Tacx NEO Bikes.

Questions or Comments?

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4 months ago

Can we race with one controller?, I’ll be at a disadvantage because I can only turn right but I’m willing to give it a try. My left controller will no longer connect. It states that it is connected but its non-responsive.

4 months ago

Will this work on an android phone

4 months ago

1st world problems ..
No shipping yet to some of us in the wrong part of the world 🤔

4 months ago

Really enjoy Zwift Play total game changer, although I think they need to fine-tune the steering/lane change so that if you hold it down the rider does swerve so quickly across the road as it looks a bit unnatural onscreen. However, I think this is more about the animation than the movement itself. When you hold it down it looks like the bike actually just turns left or right quickly rather than moving from side to side, Great in the corners but not when the road is straight. Would like to see the size of the rider’s collision boundary box… Read more »

Clark E
Clark E
4 months ago

The ZRacing series is on Seaside Sprint this week as well. I completed the C race last night with steering enabled. It really makes a difference, particularly coming down the Dirty Sorpresa and in the lead-up to the right turn onto the climb to the Volcano loop start/finish line. Good luck to everyone who competes in these races against a full steering-enabled field!

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