SRAM Women’s Tour January 17-22

SRAM Women’s Tour January 17-22

Two SRAM eTap groupos will be given away as grand prizes!

Looking for some fun and prizes? Here’s your chance to scoop up a SRAM eTAP Groupo or score a SRAM Cycling Kit. Simply ride or race one stage for a chance to win an official SRAM kit. Complete three of the four stages to be entered into a drawing, where two grand prize SRAM eTAP Groupos will be awarded.

There are good reasons for all you women Zwifters to join in. First, as far as the prizes, you can’t beat your odds in a ‘women only’ event. Of those who enter, some won’t be doing three or four stages. I can only fit two in my schedule. Yes, your odds of winning the Grand Prize are pretty good!

Second, keep in mind that riding a sponsored event on Zwift accomplishes two things: it makes the sponsor happy, and it attracts more sponsored events. So come out for the first event, and hopefully you’ll ride them all.

Is This a Race?

Here’s what Zwift has to say:

No. It’s a ride-your-own-pace event. Choose a group based on your ability. Yes, some riders will be going fast – the goal is to complete each stage in the best possible time but there is no winner of the SRAM Women’s Tour. It’s all about doing your best and trying to finish as many stages as possible.

Stage Details

  • Stage 1: Wednesday January 17 @ 1:30 pm est, 7:00 pm est, and 10:00 pm est. 3 laps of Watopia Volcano Flat Course – 37 km.
  • Stage 2: Friday January 19 @ 1:30 pm est, 7:00 pm est, and 10:00 pm est. 1 lap of Watopia Big Loop Course – 43 km. (contains the Epic KOM Climb and will take you through the Jungle)
  • Stage 3: Saturday January 20 @ 5:30 am est, 10:30 am est, and 1:30 pm est. 3 laps of Watopia Flat Course – 31 km
  • Stage 4: Monday January 22 @ 1:30 pm est, 7:00 pm est, and 10:00 pm est. 2 laps of Richmond UCI Worlds Course – 32 km

See the official Zwift page for more details > 

About The Author

Zee Kryder

Zee is an avid, sometimes rabid, fan of Zwift. Her favs include Fabian Cancellara and Kristina Vogel, and she loves studying athletic training, diet with nutrition. Zee was the first graduate of the 2017 Zwift Academy, prefers short races and has a hard time resisting any Zwift challenges. Zee races often and leads a Zwift Group workout on sunday mornings. She is the administrator of ZwiftOff, a support page for weight loss in the Zwift community. Follow her on Strava, send her an email, or find her on Facebook.

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