Crisp, smooth gameplay makes the Zwift experience the best it can be. One measurement of system performance is frames per second (FPS), and there are two different ways to find out what sort of FPS numbers your setup is giving you in Zwift.

The first method is to use Zwiftalizer, a log file analyzer for Zwift created by Michael Hanney. Learn more about it here > This method is the easiest to accomplish, but does not give you live FPS stats.

The second method involves editing a config file, and results Zwift displaying your FPS in real-time in-game, in the top-left corner. See the screenshot below:


To do this, you need to add the line “set gShowFPS=1” to whichever profile you are using in your Zwift setup. On my PC laptop here at the office I find these files under C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\configs, and since I am using the “medium” profile I need to edit the medium.txt file.

Note: if you have a similar setup as mine (PC running Windows) you may run into permissions issues when trying to edit these files. To get around this you need to right-click on the file, go to “Properties>Security” and give your user account Modify permissions on the file.