zwiftalizerMichael Hanney has released version 0.3.0 of Zwiftalizer, a web-based tool which analyzers your Zwift logfiles so you can see your frames per second (FPS), ANT+ stats and various computer details.

Give it a try by visiting and dragging a Zwift logfile onto the page.

Zwift records a logs which are stored under Documents\Zwift\Logs on your system. Zwiftalizer simply digs into that file’s data and presents it in a useful way so you can quickly evaluate your system’s performance.

A note from Michael Hanney re: security: in case anyone is worried about posting their personal information (username is in the log), they can rest assured, the log file does not actually leave their computer. All the processing is done client side.

Nice work, Michael! Another high-quality code project from the Zwift community.