Zwift September 2018 – Upcoming Event Highlights

Zwift September 2018 – Upcoming Event Highlights

The Tour of Innsbruck

Ride the routes of Innsbruck across 5 stages to unlock the coveted Tour of Innsbruck Jersey. This event starts with Stage 1 1:00 am EDT September 4 2018 and will run through September 19 11:00 pm EDT. (Zwift may offer a make-up day like the Tour of Oz, but no confirmation yet.) You will fill your Strava segments for Innsbruck in this special lead-up to the World Championship week. You can ride any of the stages, but you must complete all five stages to unlock the Zwift Tour of Innsbruck jersey. will keep a total time for those who want to race all five stages. Learn more >

The Tour de Tohoku

Saturday September 15, 2018 2:00 am EDT

This is a special event that held in real life since 2013 as a charitable event due to the devastation of the Earthquake and tsunami that struck the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011. It is held to preserve the memories of that event and those who were lost and dearly loved. Zwift is collaborating to hold a parallel event on Zwift. It is a single event and a special jersey for the Tour of Tohoku will be in ride and will unlock after completing this special stage. Learn nore >

Rapha Women’s 100 Km Ride

The Women’s 100 Km is a special group ride held every September 15th as an international event to show unity among women riders. Rapha has a beautiful special commemorative jersey in real life. You can wear it and unlock the virtual version of the Rapha jersey upon completing the 100 kilometers (62 miles) Zwift event. If you don’t have the white metric century jersey, you can earn that as well.

Riding with a large group will help you reach your goal. And, yes, you can stop and rest a while as needed. But you will have to ride the full 100 km as a single ride. There will be four start times for this ride, Friday September 14 at 7:00 am EDT, Saturday September 15 at 3:00 am EDT, 7:00 am EDT, and 12:00 pm EDT. This is a women’s only event. It will count also as a Zwift Women’s Academy ride if you are still short of your 4 group rides. Learn more >

Goseong Granfondo

The real life ride will take place in South Korea as a 100 km event. Zwift is hosting an event prior to the real life ride. Those who can ride the real ride can win a ticket to the event held October 13 and 14, 2018. Read the rules for prizes >

The Zwift ride is not 100 km , but the Big Loop. Those who finish this event will unlock a special commemorative jersey. The start times for this event is Sunday September 9, 6:00 pm EDT, Monday September 10 6:00 am EDT, and 8:00 am EDT. Learn more >

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