23rd St Reverse (Richmond) Zwift Segment Details

23rd St Reverse (Richmond) Zwift Segment Details Header Image

Key Details

This draggy climb starts as a false flat, but piles on the gradient as it goes, punching up to 10%+ with a few hundred meters to go. Showing up in the first 2 minutes of some routes, it’s a decisive climb that (combined with the Libby Hill KOM Reverse just up the road) will split the field, often for the remainder of the race.

A bit of trivia: while the Richmond course was released in September 2015, it was a one-way course until the Richmond refresh of February 2020. That’s when this KOM was introduced.

Note that, while this climb includes a leaderboard and shows a polka-dot jersey next to the leader’s name in the rider list, it does not award a leader’s jersey for your avatar.

Routes Featuring this KQOM

Route Length Elevation Lead-In
Cobbled Climbs Reverse 9.2 km (5.7 miles) 132 m (433‘) 0.1 km (0.1 miles)
Richmond Rollercoaster 5 km (3.1 miles) 19 m (62‘) 12.1 km (7.5 miles)
Richmond UCI Reverse 16.2 km (10.1 miles) 130 m (427‘) 0.0 km (0.0 miles)

A word about accuracy: as much as possible, we’ve used Zwift’s in-game numbers for the segments listed. Strava data may differ slightly.

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