“Road to Ruins” Route Details (Watopia)

Animated “Road to Ruins” Route Details (Watopia) Map
Animated map provided by ZwiftHacks

Route Basics

Length: 29.6 km (18.4 miles)
268 m (879‘)
Lead-In: 0.5 km (0.3 miles)
Map: Watopia

Restriction: Level 5+

Achievement Badge: 580 XP

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Route Description

Route profile by ZwiftHub – the place to plan and track your route achievements!

Watopia’s “Road to Ruins” was added with the Mayan jungle expansion in late October 2017. It begins just like the Jungle Circuit, but takes you to the Volcano Flat and back home to the start/finish banner instead of leaving you riding jungle laps.

Currently this is the only route which takes you through the jungle and back through the start/finish banner without going over the Epic KOM. It is sure to be a popular group ride route for this reason.

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5 months ago

Thanks for the route description👍

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