Road to Worlds with Laura Matsen Ko of Team USA (No Breakaways)

Road to Worlds with Laura Matsen Ko of Team USA (No Breakaways)

No Breakaways released another Road to Worlds video today with Team USA member and one of the top Zwifters in the World – Laura Matsen Ko

This video with Laura takes us through some really fun topics:

  • How she has been training for UCI Esports Worlds
  • How she grew up bikepacking around France
  • Balancing being a Surgeon, Parent, and World-Class Athlete
  • Team USA insights and their chances to win
  • How Laura could win the world title

Watch Laura’s Interview:

We will also be hosting a Live Interview with Laura, Jordan Cheyne (Canada), and Ryan Larson (USA) today (Monday, December 7th) at 6 pm central time where you can have a chance to ask them questions about their training, the race, and anything else you want to know! 

Head on over to the No Breakaways YouTube page to set a reminder for the stream or follow us on Instagram (@nobreakaways) or Facebook!

Thanks for all the support and Ride On!

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