Road to Worlds with Jordan Cheyne of Team Canada (No Breakaways)

Road to Worlds with Jordan Cheyne of Team Canada (No Breakaways)

Today No Breakaways released the second of our Road to Worlds videos, this time with Jordan Cheyne of Team Canada (Elevate-Webiplex on the Road, Finesse-Wahoo on Zwift). Jordan has been riding Zwift since the Jarvis days, but really started taking racing seriously when COVID hit. 

Jordan takes us through some really interesting stuff:

  • Canada Cycling’s selection process
  • How he got into cycling and became a professional
  • Team Canada team setup and roles for each of the riders
  • Team Canada prep events and footage of a private prep event with Jordan and current Canadian National Champion Warren Muir racing up the Worlds course finish
  • How Jordan thinks the race will play out and how Canada can win the World Title

Watch Jordan’s Interview:

We will also be hosting a Live Interview with Jordan, Ryan, and hopefully a couple other world championship qualifiers on Monday, December 7th at 6 pm central time. Here you’ll have a chance to ask them questions about their training, the race, and anything else you want to know! Head on over to the No Breakaways YouTube page to set a reminder for the stream or follow us on Instagram (@nobreakaways) or Facebook!

Thanks for all the support and Ride On!

About The Author

Rick Wenger

Rick runs the No Breakaways YouTube channel and is an avid proponent of sitting in the draft. IRL he lives with his wife and two kids in Northern Illinois. He promises that if he isn't doing a workout or race he will return your Ride On. Follow him on Strava or check him out on ZwiftPower.

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Simon Collins
Simon Collins
5 months ago

Again last night the ZRL was ruined by multiple drop outs, ghost riders and incomplete ride data. Yet all Zwift is interested in is the World champs which only serve such a small proportion of the Zwift community. It still appears Zwift is neglecting the community by not addressing these fundamental issues of game stability. It is the community that makes Zwift by way of mass participation in community events such as ZRL. The ZRL is what so many people have been craving for yet Zwift appears not to be investing in this but concentrated on the Worlds. I feel… Read more »

Simon Collins
Simon Collins
5 months ago
Reply to  Rick Wenger

Hi Rick thanks for your reply. Yes I totally understand that. My frustration is with Zwift and the apparent total focus, at the cost of everything else, that Zwift is putting into 2 races on one day. Whilst dedicating their resources to this for me, the community suffers.

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