Zwift’s new Alpe is a perfect place to test your fitness, with the full climb taking anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes for most riders. Interval efforts can also be put in between specific bends if desired.

We’ve created a set of Alpe du Zwift bike segments which include the full ascent, the full descent, and segments between (almost) each pair of bends. Here’s the list:

We are currently missing segments between bends 20-19, 19-18, and 17-16 due to Strava’s restrictions on “short” segments. The problem is, Strava does not take incline into consideration when determining how “short” a segment is, which means a 1 km 14% uphill segment is considered just as “short” as a 1 km downhill. We’ve submitted support requests for this to change, but we’re not holding our breath.

Note: Zwifters have already created many inaccurate Alpe segments. We recommend hiding these, for your own good and the good of the community. Here’s more on the how and why >

See our full list of verified Zwift segments >