Last year on January 8th, 2019 Zwift recorded a new personal best: 13,064 active Zwifters. The previous year’s record was somewhere in the 8,500 range.

Today we hit a new high, just confirmed by Zwift HQ: 14,812 concurrent users on Zwift!

Typically the weekly high traffic points are on Tuesdays around 11am PST, and that’s exactly when we saw today’s traffic spike. Of course, this is also the busiest time of Zwift’s year, with much of the northern hemisphere dealing with cold temperatures, poor weather, and shortened daylight hours.

But next week kicks off Tour de Zwift, where we’ll see thousands of riders signing up for each event. Our guess is next week’s number will blow away this week’s.

Care to Make a Bet?

Zwiftcast hosts Simon, Nathan, and Shane have been wagering on what the winter season’s high point will be, and they’ve invited some guests to place their bets as well. What do you think? What will be this season’s “peak Zwift”? Here are the current guesses:

  • DC Rainmaker: 21,000
  • Nathan Guerra: 20,000
  • Eric Schlange: 18,289
  • Simon Schofield: 18,000
  • Shane Miller: 16,666

More Numbers

Obviously, there are better stats to track Zwift’s growth than “Peak Zwift”. We would love to see some numbers like:

  • Total number of Zwifting hours over a specific period
  • Number of unique Zwifters who were active over a specific period
  • Number of active subscribers

And of course, Zwift has all this data. But we’re not sure they would want it publicized! We’ll reach out and see if we can get more numbers, though.