Off the MAAP Tour Announced July 15-31

Off the MAAP Tour Announced July 15-31

A 4-stage, 2-week Zwift tour was just announced which begins today and runs through the end of July. Here are all the details…


This event is really targetting Australian Zwifters who are in their winter season currently, but the scheduled time slots should be workable for most riders worldwide.

Each stage runs for 3 days, and during those days the stages run at 1AM, 3AM, 11AM, 1PM, 4PM, and 11PM Pacific time.

There will be 5 makeup days at the end in case you missed any stages.

Is This a Race?

Zwift always says these big events aren’t races, but let’s be realistic–everyone will be pushing hard to do their very best. That’s what makes it fun!

How to Join

Simply sign up for each stage in-game, via Zwift Companion, or from the Off the MAAP page. Learn how to join an event >

Not yet a Zwift user? Create your free trial account >

Kit Unlock

Finish all four stages to unlock the in-game Off the MAAP kit.

Unlocking the kit also gives you access to pre-order the real-life Off the MAAP kit in a one-time-only deal.

Stage Details

Stage 1

Route: Big Loop, 1 lap
Distance: 42.4km // 26.6mi
Elevation: 651m // 2,175 ft

Stage 2

Route: Out and Back Again, 1 lap
Distance: 26.2 mi // 42.1 km
Elevation: 1095 ft // 334 m
Lead In: 1.4 mi // 2.3km

Stage 3

Route: NYC KOM After Party, 1 lap
Distance: 22.7 mi // 36.6 km
Elevation: 1558 ft // 475 m

Stage 4

Route: Road to Ruins, 1 lap
Distance: 18.4 mi // 29.6 km
Elevation: 905 ft // 268 m

See full list of events and details >

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