Hack for Acrophobics: No More Glass Roads in New York City

Hack for Acrophobics: No More Glass Roads in New York City

The just-released New York City course is beautiful, but we’ve heard from some Zwifters with acrophobia (fear of heights) expressing discomfort in riding the higher glass roads. Because even on a virtual ride, those feelings are real!

Jonathon Levie, resident hacker over at Zwift Hype, has shared a solution. Simply put, his solution has you replace the textures used on the glass roads with an almost completely opaque texture so you aren’t seeing the ground below.

Jonathon told me this about the community’s reaction to this hack:

A ton of people reached out and personally thanked me! I’m surprised at how many people wanted this mod.

Download the files for Jonathon’s mod here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12SzSSlksoZLLQpnQcsojjwXHiDZTnEGT. The zip file includes instructions which I have also included below. Jonathon also made a video showing how to apply his mod:


  1. Download the mod files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12SzSSlksoZLLQpnQcsojjwXHiDZTnEGT.
  2. Locate your Zwift data folder by right clicking your Zwift icon and click > Open File location
    1. on Windows this is typically C:>Program Files(x86)>Zwift). If you see a folder labeled ‘data’ you’re in the correct location
    2. on Mac the location is ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift
  3. Navigate to Zwift > Data > Environment > Road (click the data folder, then ‘Environment’, then ‘Road’)
    If you’re in the correct location you should see folders labeled ‘Beach’, ‘DirtRoad’, ‘Innsbruck’, ‘NewYorkCentralPark”…
  4. Rename Zwift’s NewYorkCentralPark folder to “RENAMED-NewYorkCentralPark”
    If you’d like to revert to glass floors, this is your backup 😉
  5. Place the new “NewYorkCentralPark” from the downloaded zip file in the “Zwift> Data> Enviroment> Road” folder.
  6. Done!

If you have any questions or requests, reach out to Jonathon on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jlevie

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8 months ago

How do you modify the .wad textures yourself?

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