Presented by Power Up Cycling, Big Shark Bicycle Company, and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, the Missouri Indoor Race Series began last week. This 7-race series will culminate in a live Missouri Esports State Championship to be held the weekend of 2/22 and 2/23.

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Racers must register (and pay $15) in order to participate in eachrace, then they can join in remotely from home, or use one of the 8 trainer stations available at sponsor Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

There are six different groups of racers competing:

  • Junior Boys
  • Junior Girls
  • Open Men
  • Men Masters 45+
  • Open Women
  • Women Masters 45+

Last week was the first race of the series – watch Matt Brandt of team Indoor Specialist take the win. Check out his ice pack usage to stay cool. Does the man ever sit down?

A Taste of What’s to Come

Zwift is fast becoming its own cycling discipline, and we’ll be seeing more and more local cycling associations holding official races and championships on the platform in the months and years to come. Last year’s WSBA Sweatfest was the first we’d heard of a local association organizing a race series on Zwift, but a series with entry fees culminating in a championship takes it to the next level!

The Mechanics

Organizers of these races are using Meetups to make the races happen. This, presumably, is done so only registered riders are invited to the event. It’s a bit of a bodge, though, as riders can still interact with other riders on course when they’re in a Meetup.

Far more ideal would be Zwift allowing the creation of a “private event”–perhaps nothing more than a checkbox when creating a Meetup called “Hide all other riders”. Someday soon, perhaps?

Your Thoughts

We think this is exciting news. What about you? Would you like to see local associations embracing Zwift more and holding events there? Why or why not? Share below!