Yesterday, Stefan Lavestedt sent me an email explaining how he was taken on a previously uncharted portion of the London course. As far as I know, Stefan is the only “regular” Zwifter to ever ride this route.

The road is approximately 7km long, fairly flat, with only a few buildings popping up here and there. It appears to be a functional route with unfinished artwork.

I asked Game Master Jon Mayfield about this portion of the course, and he was pretty tight-lipped about it (although he said it was fine to publish this post). He did say “It’s a clue as to what is coming, although it’s not been built yet.” He also said, “…that road has been in there since the day we first launched London… it’s not some new development.”

So it sounds like this is an additional route which will be eventually released for the London course.

You can see Stefan’s Strava activity here >

Red portion is the uncharted section of the London route

How did he get on this route? Here’s what Stefan said:

I choosed to ride with a friend, then changed to London loop but had my friend marked. He was going to race in a few minutes. When I started to ride it said ready to ride with björn (my friend) and then I turned in and beyond the barrier. Soon the houses were hanging in the sky and it looked like a construction site and I was all alone.

Here are more shots taken by Stefan on this “ghost route.” Thanks for sharing, Stefan (and nice power numbers by the way)!