The KISS EU race of Dec 13th was fast and furious over 1 lap of the Figure 8 course. In the B Category, Ant Smith (BRTeam) won the final bunch sprint over Alejandro Callejo (PTz) and Rob Hamill.

Callejo in the last climb.

Right from the first climb, the lead group got away from the rest of the race, with Sternefalk (Vision), Wiltox (BRTeam), Mosbaeck (Vision), Kadlec, Hamill, Thomassen (Vikings), Verhoeven (CTWT), Smith (BRTeam), Callejo (PTz), Andreassen (Vikings), Barbera (KissRT), Hagebakken (GTD) and “AW” (Team Poland). The Polish rider got dropped going into the water tunnel after repeated attacks from Hagebakken (GTD) and Andreassen (Vikings).

On the last KoM, Alejandro Callejo (PTz) was the only one able to get to the front, leaving the rest of the group 10″ behind. This hill was also the moment Thomassen (Vikings) got dropped from the lead pack.

Callejo “All By Himself”

Final sprint.

In the final kilometers, after Callejo was caught, there were 11 riders heading for the finish line. Andreassen (Vikings) was the first one to throw down in the first Esses’ bump, but nobody could break away and the race came down to a bunch sprint. At that game, Ant Smith (BRTeam) took the win over Alejandro Callejo (PTz) and Rob Hamill. “I’m not a very fast sprinter, so finishing 2nd in a bunch sprint doesn’t disappoint me,” says Callejo (PTz). “When I was on the front, by myself, I didn’t really know what to do. When I saw they regroupped behind me, I understood I wouldn’t go far. Well, I’ll have other opportunities to get the win!

Street wins the C race.

In the A race, Niall Paterson was the fastest to cross the finish line after an attack in the last KoM. Cuélebre (ForoMTB) took 2nd place, and Justin Purificati (ODZ) completed the podium. For the C’s, Skyler Street (KissRT) took his 2nd straight win over Jason Robinson (BRTeam) and Mike Preece. Finally, for the D Category, James Takis took the win over Jan Van Der Haegen and Paul Bellamy.


Here is the race commentary from Nathan Guerra.
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KISS EU – Dec 13th / Provisional results:
A Category:
1- N.Paterson (USA-U/A)
2- Cuélebre (SPA-ForoMTB)
3- J.Purificati (CAN-ODZ)
B Category:
1- A.Smith (GBR-BRTeam)
2- A.Callejo (SPA-PTz)
3- R.Hamill (GBR-U/A)
C Category:
1- S.Street (USA-KissRT)
2- J.Robinson (GBR-BRTeam)
3- M.Preece (GBR-U/A)
D Category:
1- J.Takis (USA-U/A)
2- J.Van der Haegen (BEL-U/A)
3- P.Bellamy (GBR-U/A)

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