This is a TOUGH workout, but perfect for the Base phase and for utilizing Zwift as it provides a great amount of training stress in a short amount of time.  This workout is all about improving your FTP.

Workout Summary

We start with a gradual warm-up that includes a few fast spins to wake the legs up.  Then, for the main set, we get into 3×3 minute VO2 efforts with decreasing rest periods to get the aerobic system pumping, and we finish with a long over/under interval at Sweet Spot wattages that feature cadence changes to really hammer the legs and hopefully push you to your limits, but not over!  After all the fun is over, do an easy spin to cool down and finish with some stretches.

Get Training!

To use this custom workout file, click the link below and save the .zwo file to your computer’s /Documents/Zwift/Workouts directory. Now when you start up Zwift you will see this workout (called “FTP Booster (VO2 + SST) Base 2”) under the Custom Workouts category in the workout picker.

Download Workout

Who Should Use This Workout?

This workout is appropriate for all riders looking to improve their FTP, but should be done towards the middle to end of your Base phase as it is quite a challenge.  I recommend doing workouts like this 2-3 times per week with an easier day between to allow the body to recover.

If you have years of training and/or are a very fit athlete, you may do this type of workout more frequently as your body will recover faster, however, always listen to what your body is telling you and take rest days as needed.