Zwift Fondos this Weekend

Zwift’s annual fondo series is a popular tradition where thousands of riders push themselves to finish long rides. The series began in December, when (according to ZwiftPower) over 9000 riders finished their fondos!

March’s rides are this weekend. Here are all the details…

March Fondo Schedule

The weekend kicks off at midnight March 3 GMT, which is 7pm ET/4pm PT March 2.

Events repeat every 3 hours until 6am March 6 GMT (10pm PT March 5).

Series Schedule

After this weekend, there is just one more fondo weekend left: March 31, 2023 – April 2, 2023.

Fondo Routes

Zwift has two sets of fondo routes. First, their original three routes:

Then another set rolled out in 2022:

Each month of this year’s series rotates between these two sets of routes. February used the original routes, so March is using the 2022 routes.

Kit Unlocks

New this year, each fondo length has its own unique kit unlock. Here’s a shot of all three kits:

These kits are exclusive, meaning they will never be available anywhere else. A true badge of honor… even the “salmon and chocolate” Bambino kit.

Is this a race?

Officially, no. But thousands of riders will turn out for each of these popular “fun race” events, and the front of each category will certainly be filled with strong riders going all out.

How the Categories Work

Unlike other Zwift events, the A, B, and C groups don’t refer to rider strength or fitness. Instead, they correspond to route and distance options:

  • A Group (~90 km Gran Fondo)
  • B Group (~80 km Medio fondo)
  • C Group (~50 km Bambino fondo)

Questions or Comments?

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Eric Schlange
Eric Schlange
Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava
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