Take February’s “The Hour” challenge

Take February’s “The Hour” challenge
Bradley Wiggins setting the UCI 1-hour record (54.526 km) in 2015

Bradley Wiggins setting the UCI 1-hour record (54.526 km) in 2015

“The Hour” is perhaps the most prestigious challenge in all of cycling. In real life, UCI-sanctioned attempts take place in a velodrome, riders begin from a standing a start and must ride alone. It is a grueling effort where aerodynamics, steady high power and consistent form are key. (Little-known fact: The first universally accepted record was in 1876 when the American Frank Dodds rode 26.508 km (16.471 mi) on a penny-farthing. Learn more on Wikipedia)

This month the Zwift community is holding an informal hour challenge where all entrants get a chance to win a Zwift bidon.


  • All entries must be displayed in kilometers–hit “U” on your keyboard to switch units at any time, or go into settings and select “Metric.”
  • For your entry to count the screen shot must be taken at EXACTLY one hour. ie 1:00:00. One second or more either side and it will not be valid!
  • Qualifying distance must be greater than 21km
  • Entries must be submitted on the official thread in the Facebook Zwift Riders group or the thread on the Facebook UK Zwifters group or on the official thread on Zwifting.com

The new Richmond flat route will be your best bet if you want the flattest loop possible. Remember though, that the entry will be accepted on any course.

Optionally, since there are bound to be some competitive souls out there, please add along with your submission your trainer type and whether you’re using a power meter or not.

Due to different trainer setups, miscalibration, etc, entries will not be judged on distance, although there is always an “unofficial” competition in these monthly challenges. All entries which meet the rules above will be put into the drawing, which closes at 12:00 GMT on 1st March 2016.

Good luck!

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Mike Price
Mike Price
1 year ago

Cool challenge. My cousin isn’t on FB but is interested. So is Zwifting.com an active link? Tried to go there and looks like it’s up for grabs.

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