“Flat” and “Hilly” route options added to Richmond

“Flat” and “Hilly” route options added to Richmond

richmond-course-choicesThis morning when I ran Zwift with the date changed so I could run a test lap on Richmond, I was greeted with something new–a route options menu!

Choosing “Prefer Flat Roads” starts you before the start banner as usual, but .9 miles down the road you begin a 3.1 mile loop which never takes you back through the start banner.

Choose “Prefer Hilly Roads” starts you before the start banner as usual, but you hang a left about .2 miles after the start banner and get taken on the hilly “back half” of the course. This loop is 5.7 miles in length and does take you through the lap start each time.

Adding route options for Richmond is a smart move by Zwift, since many folks seem to prefer the Watopia course for its many route options. Richmond still doesn’t allow u-turns, but these two additional routes will make things more interesting for sure (and the new flat route makes Richmond the best place for flat TT efforts!)

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