Team Fearless 3rd Annual Women’s Team Championships Coming Soon

Team Fearless 3rd Annual Women’s Team Championships Coming Soon

Team Fearless has announced they are once again hosting their Annual Women’s Team Championships! This isn’t your average race, it’s meant to test your resilience and endurance. Each category gets to crown its own Champions, so this race is for all ability levels. 

Last year they had nearly 140 participants and a hot lap. This year will be even bigger and better and will include sprint and QOM points!

Date and Time

Saturday Dec 14 2:30 PM EST (7:30 PM GMT, 11:30 AM PST, Sunday Dec 15 6:30 AM AEDT)

Route Details

Race will be held on the Sand & Sequoias route, with a different number of laps based on category.

Cat C & D will be completing 2 laps each, with B doing 3, and A doing 4. The thought is that all categories should be finishing around the same time.

Race Categories

  • A: 3.7 w/kg FTP or higher
    4 laps (51.54 miles or 82.95 km with Lead-in)
  • B: 3.20-3.69 w/kg FTP
    3 laps (39.05 miles or 62.85 km with Lead-in)
  • C: 2.5 to 3.19 w/kg FTP
    2 laps (26.56 miles or 42.75 km with Lead-in)
  • ​D: 2.49 w/kg FTP and under
    2 laps (26.56 miles or 42.75 km with Lead-in)

The Teams

Teams will consist of 3-5 women working together to get their team across the finish line.

While only the top 3 finisher’s points (per team) are counted, every racer matters as their placements “steals” points from those below them. (See the rules for a full explanation.)

If you aren’t already on a team you’re encouraged to be proactive and reach out to a trade team of your choice. A list of teams is available here: Zwift Teams.

Other team options are listed in the full rules below.


This race will be broadcast by Nathan Guerra on Zwift Community Live.

Final Details

Registration closes December 8 at 11:59pm EST.

Read the full rules >

See event on >

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