New York’s “Everything Bagel” is the longest route on the NYC course, and the perfect route for a hard ~1-hour effort. It covers nearly every road section, many of them in both directions. Looking for a challenge? You’ll get several chances to test your legs against the leaderboard as you hit the KOM and sprint sections in both directions.

Be warmed up before you start a race here because the route takes you almost immediately onto the reverse KOM. Cool down as you cruise for a loop around Central Park at ground level which includes a sprint, then get ready to push again as you return to the glass roads for a go at the forward KOM before descending and hitting the sprint in the opposite direction. Hope you enjoy your bagel!

Route details:
Distance: 34.2km (21.3 miles)
Elevation Gain: 525m (1722′)
Strava Forward Segment