Notable Zwift Events for the Weekend of February 4-5

This week’s notable events include a good selection of endurance rides, route badge opportunities, and more!

The February ZFondo is also taking place this week. However, since the event already has its own post, other community-led events are featured below.

🤝 JETT Endurance Ride 100km 2.5~3.3w/kg

Looking for a long, faster-paced group ride? JETT (Japan eSports Tempting Team) hosts a group ride every Saturday (or Sunday for those in Asia or Australia). Throughout this ride, the leaders for team JETT will be keeping some rules in place to ensure that all riders are able to stick together and benefit from the draft. There will also be two separate categories to accommodate for two pace zones; category C at 2.5-2.9 w/kg, and category B at 3-3.3 w/kg.

This 100km group ride takes place over The London Pretzel course. This course does have a significant amount of elevation gain, so do not expect this to be an easy ride.

Saturday, Feb 4  @ 8:05pm UTC/3:05pm EST/12:05pm PST
Sign up at

🤝 Tour de Zwift 2023 | Stage 8 | Ride

While we normally do not feature events organized by Zwift, I felt that this one is pretty important to highlight, as it is an opportunity for riders to explore the new Scotland course, and the last stage of the annual Tour De Zwift. This is one of the first opportunities to ride on the Scotland course, which will be used for the 2023 UCI eSports World Championships. Tip: continue riding in Scotland after completing the event to ride all of the new roads included in this new world.

The categories in this ride are not pace-based, but rather distance-based. There are a few different options for lengths in this ride. Category A is going to be 3 laps of the Rolling Highlands course, category B is going to be 2 laps, and category C is going to be 1 lap. As usual, category D (women’s only group) will follow the same distance as category B.

Special settings: double draft

Multiple time slots throughout the weekend
Sign up at

🤝 Bicycle Way of Life Saturday Ride

Bicycle Way of Life (BWOL), a Eugene, Oregon-based cycling store, is also offering a longer group ride, but at a more friendly pace than the JETT event. Over the past few weeks, this ride has been receiving more and more signups. Leaders and sweepers will be present in the ride; however, sweepers will not always be able to provide aid to those off the back. The most efficient way to enjoy the most draft possible is going to be with the lead group.

Throughout this ride, riders will be paced at 1.8-2.2 w/kg. The route of this ride is also much flatter than the route of the JETT event. Over the course of the 100 km, riders will be riding around the Watopia’s Waistband course—a flat and fast course.

Saturday, Feb 4 @ 4pm UTC/11am EST/8am PST
Sign up at

🥇The Ladies Wobble Sprint Series

The Wobble Cycling Club hosts the Wobble Sprint Series every Saturday. Something unique about this event is that it has a separate women-only version! The race is also based on prime segments with finishing points, fastest across-the-line points, and first across-the-line points. The final points-based results will be available on ZwiftPower

This race takes place over 3 laps of the short and punchy Duchy Estate course in Yorkshire. Points will be available at the Yorkshire sprint each lap (3 segments total). Note: there is also an open version of this event at the same time.

Special settings: category enforced, women only, points race

Saturday, Feb 4 @ 6pm UTC/1pm EST/10am PST
Sign up at

🥇 WKG Saturday Superstylin’

Join team WKG this weekend for a nice social group ride. Contrasting to most group rides, the leaders will have a competition for riders who are looking to put in an effort to go for the various KOMs and sprints throughout the course. This is the perfect ride for those in Europe who are looking for a nice, social way to begin the weekend.

This week, riders will be on the Chasing the Sun course in Makuri Islands for 90 minutes. The ride is paced at 2-2.3 w/kg.

Saturday, Feb 4 @ 8:35am UTC
Sign up at

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

Oli Chi
Oli Chi
Oliver is a Zwift enthusiast who spends lots of time riding and racing on Zwift. While much of Oliver's time is spent being a kid, he manages to make time to create content about Zwift on his blog and YouTube channel ZRace Central.


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Gabriel Hirsch
Gabriel Hirsch
9 months ago

Team Swedish Zwifters arrange the Crit iTT series on Sunday at 4 PM UTC. 4 short races. A mix between Tiny Races and ITT. Everybody is invited:

Gabriel Hirsch
Gabriel Hirsch
9 months ago
Reply to  Oli Chi

Perhaps. This is the first event to try the concept. But it seems promising with about 100 signed up so far. We’ll have a chat with Zwift next week to make them public

Mrs. Sweep
9 months ago

Wobble Cyle Club appreciates the shout out for our WCC Ladies Sprint Series! Our race Managers have worked hard to give the ladies of Zwift a great race series and now to have the ZwiftInsider seal of approval…what more could you ask for 😉

Steve Fish
Steve Fish(@stephen-fischer)
9 months ago

Oli, thanks for your helpful articles!

One event for consideration next weekend is OTR Snap Crackle Pop PunchFest2 on Sun Feb 12th, with 7 back-to-back short stages, each with a neutral start and punchy climb finish (stage 7 has 2 climbs). Both fun and exhausting!
Stage 1 event link here:

FYI, here’s a great video summary that one of the partipants made about SCP PunchFest back in Dec:


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