Top Zwift Events for the Weekend of July 3-4

Top Zwift Events for the Weekend of July 3-4

With so many events on Zwift, it pays to have a catchy event name. (You have to hand it to the Zwift Events + Marketing Teams as they are experts at this!)  I have already mentioned in previous articles how Zwift have been brilliant with their “Time Trial Tuesdays” and “Fast Fridays” slogans, and they also did it with their “Fun is Fast” which has now given birth to a series of events this month. 

If you have been watching the Tour de France, you’ve probably seen the Zwift advert that is particularly eye-catching. Coupled with the groovy song “Go” by The Chemical Brothers, it’s one that stays in your memory.  Therefore to pay homage to this “Fun is Fast” marketing triumph and series, I am going to highlight events this weekend that equally have catchy titles.

Fun Is Fast

The “Fun is Fast” series that Zwift is running is good.  Really good.  This week I did the “Fun is Fast: Workout inspired by Mathieu van der Poel” – it was brutally hard and thus excellent training.

Throughout the weekend there are other excellent workouts to try, inspired by other top cyclists such as Geraint Thomas and Anna van der Breggen.

These are certainly the headline events this weekend.    

Multiple event times, see for details


No matter your sporting level, at some point you may have a target and that target most likely will have the word “sub” in it. For example, running a 10km in sub 1 hour, 50 minutes or 40 minutes. In the end, any event with the word “sub” in it lets you know it is going to be a real challenge!

This event looks particularly tough.  100km in sub 2-hours.   That is averaging 50 kph… for two hours! As the description says:

“Join us in an attempt to be the first groups to tackle 100km on Zwift in under 2 hours! We’ll be pushing the pace as hard as we can for 2 hours. Help us make history!”

Other groups have tried and failed. Will STPC make it happen? It’ll take a big group, pushing hard!

Sunday July 4 @ 12pm CEST/11am BST/6am EDT
Sign up at

Team CLS Juniors Ride

This is a rare event for junior riders and actually one of the first I have seen. It transpires that Team CLS runs this event for juniors and those that are new to Zwift. They try to repeat the first 3 events of each month so riders can measure their progress. These vary from sprint focus to climbs and the tough ramped laps (“How long can you hang on to the Peloton?”).  

If you are a young cyclist, or if you are looking at introducing your children into Zwift, then this looks to be an excellent environment to try.

Sunday July 4 @ 6pm CEST/5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT
Sign up at

Dave T’s Meetup/Anti-Social Social

I love the title. Who is Dave T?  What is an Anti-Social Social?  To quote Sir Winston Churchill, “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”  But one thing is for sure, it got my attention. I will probably ride it just to discover who Dave T is and what the ride is actually about!

I also loved the description because it is fun and is complete with a hashtag.  See below the event description below:

“The ride is open to everyone and you all are welcome.

Anti Social: If you want to ride hard, Race your mates, Go for KOM’s/QOM’s and Sprints or just chase a fast lap time,

Social: Ride with the main Yellow Beacon group as a supportive and leisurely meetup where we can enjoy riding together, We will aim for around 1.5-1.7Wkg average which will go above and below this depending on the terrain and to help keep the group together. The main group don’t race we ride as one, supporting each other with the stronger riders being encouraged to drop back and support our awesome sweep team who help riders achieve goals they thought were impossible, The ride will be a recovery for some and a workout for others,

No matter how you decide to ride, we won’t judge you, We will take on the longer routes on Zwift riding either 2 hours or the route lap each week, The main group will also take short breaks on the longer rides,

The most important thing is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the ride.


Saturday July 3 @ 2:30pm CEST/1:30pm BST/8:30am EDT/5:30am PDT
Sign up at

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

About The Author

Tim Perkin

Tim is a six-year cancer survivor who has finally regained and surpassed pre-cancer fitness levels through the intense use of Zwift. For news about good events on Zwift follow him on Twitter @GoZwiftTim.

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2 months ago

Have been enjoying the Fast is Fun series so far. The Geraint Thomas workout today was good as was the TT on Wednesday.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jimmy

something about the GT work out just destroyed me. my FTP is like 290 and the 3 min ramp was like 200-230 with a 30 second 280-310. i seems like it shouldnt be that hard but i was dying. i’ll have to try it again maybe i was off. i couldnt hold the full van der poel effort for the whole duration…that was humbling

2 months ago
Reply to  rmx

I found it tough but manageable, enough to be enjoyable anyway. Must admit another round of ramps would have done me though.

Dave T(Herd)
Dave T(Herd)
2 months ago

Big Thankyou for the post, Much Appreciated Dave T is nobody important but just a rider who wants to help people enjoy there ride, The anti-social social is explained in the ride description, thanks again

2 months ago

Dave T’s Meetup/Anti-social SocialVOLCANO CIRCUIT 25 LAPS/105.4KM209 anti-social and social fools i mean riders got dizzy going round and around and around some more with 5 badges on offer, This was the first weekend of the month so we teamed up with Chimo’s Polar Express for a family fun ride, Many riders New to the group, Teams from other Zwift groups and seasoned regulars all made groups of different W/kg so everyone had a group they could ride with We had the sweep team at 1.5 and below, Yellow group at 1.6wkg average a group at 2.0wkg and another at… Read more »

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