Zwift Events Not To Miss This Weekend

Zwift Events Not To Miss This Weekend

Here are our picks for this weekend, published a bit earlier so our Aussie friends can get the scoop before their weekend begins. This week’s selections run the gamut from absolute beginner rides to super-long efforts suited for experienced riders. You do you!

Special thanks to Jesper at ZwiftHacks with his Events app which provides powerful event filtering tools that help us create this list each week.

Your First Group Ride: Seattle Baby Steps 1.0-1.3 w/kg

Nervous about jumping into your first group ride? Unsure if you can hold the pace of most Zwift group rides? Seattle Baby Steps is one of the lowest-paced rides on Zwift at 1.0-1.3 w/kg, and it’s specifically intended for riders who are newer, younger, older, and recovering from injuries.

This week’s ride is on the new France R.G.V. route, so you can unlock that badge as well if you haven’t done so yet!

Sunday 4:15pm BST/11:15am EDT/8:15am PDT
Sign up at

STPC Gravel Grinder

Gravel is all the rage in the cycling world – why not take on some virtual dirt with the Saris + The Pro’s Closet squad in a longish weekend race? This race uses Zwift’s gravel bike line-up and routes featuring gravel roads. This weekend’s race is on the Big Foot Hills route.

Sunday 12:30pm BST/7:30am EDT/4:30am PDT
Sign up at

Work Together In a Chase Race

We’re a big fan of the chase race format with its combination of teamwork and solo effort. In a chase or “handicap” race, category groups are released from slowest to fastest, with time gaps set so all categories come together near the end of the race. You work together to stay away from chasers and catch groups ahead, but if you get caught by a chase group, it’s every rider for themselves as you try to grab onto those wheels!

Here are two fun Chase Races happening this weekend which we haven’t featured before:

TBR Pancake Chase Race: Four groups – D(onuts), C(repes), B(agels) and PancAkes.
Saturday 7pm BST/2pm EDT/11am PDT
Sign up at

The Alpe Dash by Herd Racing League: a chase race up Alpe du Zwift!
Three different event times this weekend. See all three events at

Go for a Long Ride

Weekends are traditionally for long rides, and the same is true on Zwift. Here are two big rides planned for the weekend, but keep in mind there are others as well! Here’s a ZwiftHacks link showing all upcoming events over 100km in length >

Ascenders Team Brevet 200 Challenge: three distance categories available
Saturday 7am BST/2am EDT/Friday 11pm PDT
Sign up at

The Vegan Cyclist 100+1 Miles: three distance categories available
Saturday 6pm BST/1pm EDT/10am PDT
Sign up at

Age Group Racing

Tired of losing to young whippersnappers in sprint finishes? Want to compete based on age groups instead of w/kg categories? Age group racing is a thing on Zwift, although it can be a bit tough to track down the events. Here are two happening this weekend!

Fearless AGES Women’s Race: age group racing, just for ladies!
Saturday 7:30pm BST/2:30pm EDT/11:30am PDT
Sign up at

ZHR Masters Weekender: for men or ladies
Sunday 3pm BST/10am EDT/7am PDT
Sign up at

Your Thoughts

Got other events that stand out this weekend? Share below in the comments!

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6 months ago

I love the idea of age group racing on Zwift!

Rob Miller
Rob Miller
6 months ago
Reply to  Enzo

As a newbie but reasonably fit 56 year old B racer I thought surely I’d do well against the old timers like me … Some of the severest beatings I’ve taken in races were from the hard men and women with AARP cards … I’m back to taking my chances with younger B’s 🙂

Mark C
Mark C (@rdcyclist)
6 months ago

Thanks for the heads up on the age group races! Now instead of getting my ass kicked by you young whippersnappers I’ll be getting my ass kicked by a bunch of codgers!

Benjamin (@benjamin_pitt)
6 months ago

Thanks for brining this out earlier Eric.

Benjamin (@benjamin_pitt)
6 months ago
Reply to  Benjamin


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