Crit City launched late last week, and we’ve been thinking: perhaps we haven’t given the city’s planners enough credit.

Think about it: they don’t have much to work with. Crit City, after all, is located atop Tinakula, a tiny previously uninhabited volcanic island in the South Pacific. (Confused? Check your Crit City race on Strava…)

Located approximately 110 miles northwest of Teanu (Watopia), obtaining supplies from the Zwift mainland is no easy task.

Yet despite these challenges, Crit City’s planners managed to lay out a beautiful racecourse for all of us to enjoy. Then these crazy bike-lovers took it to the next level, creating an entire bike-themed city just because they could.

Wait: you haven’t seen the city map?

So today we raise our bidons and say, “Well done, Crit City planners. Ride on.”