Trying to follow all the news in Zwift’s racing community these days is like drinking from a fire hose. Today Canyon announced the formation of Canyon ZCC, an eRacing team sponsored by Canyon as well as Wahoo and Nuun. The team will be racing the KISS Community League which launches Thursday, January 31.

The eight Canyon ZCC team riders are all quite strong, and will surely prove to be formidable opponents to the other community league teams.

Men’s Team:

Women’s Team:

A Taste of What’s To Come

While some Zwift teams have received corporate sponsorship in small ways, this is the first time we’ve seen a major cycling brand recruit a specific, small team of riders to create a competitive team for Zwift racing. But it won’t be the last.

It makes sense this would come from Canyon, since they are a forward-thinking brand with a close relationship with Zwift. But as Zwift racing grows in popularity we can expect other brands to step up and form teams–because the cost is minimal for the substantial exposure, especially compared to IRL team sponsorship.