Zwift’s FutureWorks Boost Mode is a fun race type that allows you to strategically charge and discharge an on-bike virtual “battery”. It adds an interesting element racing, forcing you to charge on easier sections so you can use the boost when needed (on a challenging section, when you want to attack, or for that finishing sprint).

I’ve enjoyed the Boost Mode races I’ve done (one won, one lost) but I hadn’t seen any events labeled with “boost mode” on the calendar for many weeks. Most annoying of all, there was no way to search for events with the boost mode tag – Zwift’s events filters are very basic, ZwiftPower doesn’t support such a search, and ZwiftHacks didn’t have the search filter either.

Then I heard from a few Zwifters who had had stumbled across boost mode when joining a “ZHQ Beta” race event.

Here’s the thing about those ZHQ Beta races: I generally avoid them. Because even though I love the idea of Zwift testing new race features in live races, I hate the idea of not knowing what they’re testing. I’ve heard through the grapevine that past races have tested steering, altered draft dynamics, different air density, and yes, boost mode. But races are a bit of an emotional and physical investment for me, so I like to know what I’m getting into when I sign up.

And that’s why, as long as ZHQ continues to keep the beta race descriptions generic, I’ll probably stay away.

Except… now I have a way to find boost mode races! I pinged ZwiftHacks‘ Jesper last night, asking if he knew of a way to filter his events list to show boost mode races.

“There will be a way soon. It’ll be easy to add,” was his reply. 24 minutes later, “Try the ‘Boost mode’ filter under Rules.”

The man is a wizard. And we all reap the benefits of his dark arts!

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: the list of upcoming boost mode races, courtesy of ZwiftHacks.