Zwift has posted a new video teaser for Watopia’s next new route, which will at least partly consist of a major climb replicating the famous Alp d’Huez.

The latest video compares the new climb, dubbed “Alpe Du Zwift”, to Watopia’s three existing climbs. Alpe Du Zwift is a monster! See for yourself (turn of the volume):

There has been speculation about whether Zwift would attempt to fully replicate Alp d’Huez, or just create something similar. It’s looking more and more like a full replication, which has people excited. Based on the scale used in the video above, Alpe Du Zwift will be in the neighborhood of 1000 meters+ of elevation gain. (Alp d’Huez is approximately 1100 meters, depending on where you start counting.)

A few images of the new roads have also been released, including the image at the top of this article, and this: