What are Your Goals for 2018?

What are Your Goals for 2018?

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”
~ Zig Ziglar

If you’re looking to improve your health, fitness levels, or even your race results… you’ve got to set some goals. Nobody achieves great things by accident! As we tick over to 2018, I asked the Zwift Insider team (a diverse group!) about their goals for the coming year. See them below, then share yours with us in the comments!

Rory Duckworth

My 2018 goals are… Zwift 3 times per week, finish 3 of the 5 Zwift Fondo Series 90 mile+ rides, finish the bike portion of Ironman Oceanside 70.3 under 2:20:00. Run on Zwift 3 times per week, finish the 13.1 run challenge and 26.1 run challenge on Zwift. Eat way less candy, eat way more burritos. Help more local athletes get on Zwift and utilize this great training tool.

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Duane Gran

I hope in 2018 to do one of the CVR live races.

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Justin Wagner

Race hard as a newly upgraded Cat 2 IRL racer, have fun, learn.

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Monica Schlange

I know this isn’t very Zwifty, but mine is to ride outdoors more when it warms up again. Last year I only rode outside thrice, I believe, but now I’m braver than I once was so am ready to get rid of the habit loops in my brain and ride outdoors more.

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Greg Hilton

I’m aiming to go under 2 hours 30 minutes for Olympic distance triathlon and a personal best on a 10 mile TT.

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Dave Bibby

I am just about to start week 4 of the 6-week FTP builder. Want to get back to my original FTP but also get that Tron bike (currently at 71%.)

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Thomas Eichentopf

On Zwift, I’m aiming for making it into the first half of a C category race, and I want to set a new personal best on all climbs of the Three Sisters route. I have some wild fantasy to do a 100km ride on Zwift, but will I really? Later in the year, I want to get back two KOMs close to home, cycle to Genova, and finally cycle up the Gotthard, Nufenen, Susten, and Grimsel.

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Zee Kryder

I am stepping up in ’18 to lead a weekly Group Workout entitled “ZwiftOff with Zee”. (There will be five workouts, starting with the ‘Apollo Workout’, and they will become available at whatsonzwift.com/workouts/.) I hope to bring a PhD on board to improve the efforts and success of the ZwiftOff Group. One more big plan will be a unique Zwift Fitness Challenge, hopefully with Zwift HQ support.

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David Pusey

Continue to improve my race results and to crack level 26 in Zwift! 

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Chuck Ross

I am kicking off my 2018 with an FTP builder training plan. I am hoping to approach the 4.5 w/kg mark. I plan on completing my first Zwift group ride and race in the next 2 months. After a productive “off-season”, I plan on competing in the California Enduro Series, doing plenty of epic gravel and mountain bike rides, and a full cyclocross season in the fall.

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Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen

I have set the first major goal for 2018 to be a 220 km gravel ride in April. That gives something to work against on Zwift and TrainerRoad the next months. Oh, and I will also try my best to ride more regularly in 2018 than I managed in 2017 – I had more off periods over the year than I really liked to have.

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Daren Chandisingh

My Zwift goals for 2018 are to get the Concept bike and level 25. I also want to get back into racing and find a team that are more inclusive than my current one. General cycling goals are to do the local 10 at least 5 times this season and see if I can get under 26 mins.

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Eric Schlange

I want to see my FTP bump up close to the 4.0w/kg range, as well as improving my capacity for anaerobic efforts during races (so I can hang with my local cat 2 buddies in our weekly hammerfests, and finish with the top B’s in Zwift races). To that end, I plan on completing a CVR Training plan and the CVR Racing League series. Outdoors: we’ve got a local climb (Elk Mountain) that I want to complete in under 40 minutes, … and I’m always on the hunt for Strava KOM’s.

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