After 40 days of GDPR-induced shutdown, ZwiftPower is back online and processing Zwift race results.

Zwift added data sharing opt-ins to account profile settings approximately 10 days ago, and Zwifters must choose to share their data with ZwiftPower in order for their race results to appear in the final listings on ZwiftPower.

My hope is that Zwift will soon allow race organizers to restrict participation to those riders who have opted in to share their data, so racers can know those they ride against are those they will be ranked against. But for now, I’m just happy we’ve got ZwiftPower back!

A big chapeau is due to James Hodges and the rest of the team behind ZwiftPower for moving quickly to implement the changes needed to get the site up with Zwift’s revamped API. Nice work, team–we appreciate you!