Zwiftcast Episode 91: Pace Partner Insights from HQ, Ray Maker on indoor cycling, and the gigantic success of WTRL

Zwiftcast Episode 91: Pace Partner Insights from HQ, Ray Maker on indoor cycling, and the gigantic success of WTRL

As the world waits – and much of Europe closes its doors – Simon, Shane, and Nathan try to be upbeat in trying times and consider the Two Big Hits in Zwift right now.

Pace Partners, or pacer bots, are a big success with Zwifters. Senior games guy Wes Salmon from ZHQ talks to Simon about scope for development and some ideas being tossed around to make Coco, Dan, and their pals even more bestie friends for Zwifters. The podcasters chuck in a few of their thoughts.

Ray Maker, or DC Rainmaker, is one of the most respected voices in sports tech. Simon pulls out two big indoor cycling talking points from Ray’s annual keynote address to the industry. The Zwftcasters have their say too.

And whilst the success of the WTRL TTT series may have been predictable, it’s made it no less overwhelming for the organisers. Simon talks to part of the leadership team, Martin Carew, about the headaches as well as the benefits of the TTT event that’s taking Zwift racing by storm.

There’s just time for a bit of Zwift-related banter and as ever, the Zwiftcasters take up the challenge. We hope you enjoy listening!

About The Author

Simon Schofield

Simon lives in Leeds, in the North of England, where grey, wet winters drive him indoors to ride. An early Zwift adopter, one day he idly wondered whether the fast-growing virtual cycling world would sustain a podcast. Fifty-plus episodes later - he has his answer - there's always something to talk about! Simon's a journalist by trade and spent many years working in TV production. He's at his happiest either drafting a big pack in Watopia or plunging down an Alpine descent with the sun in his face and the wind at his back.

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5 months ago

As well as pacer bots I’d like to see “racer bots”(tm) with the bots replicating stereotypical race tactics. The sprinter bot cruises at a steady pace but nails the sprint segments and finish, the climber is slow on the flats but hammers the climbs, the time trialist is steady away etc etc.

I’ve long thought that this type of more varied bot could act as an intro to racing for those not ready to throw their chapeau into the ring.

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