Zwiftcast Episode 37 – Zwift CEO Eric Min Special

Zwiftcast Episode 37 – Zwift CEO Eric Min Special

Episode 37 of Zwiftcast has been released. This is an extra-special one! Here’s the full episode description:

This episode is devoted to a conversation with Zwift chief executive Eric Min.

It’s a wide-ranging look at where the platform is in terms of fulfilled potential and how Zwift is preparing for growth this winter.

Eric updates Zwiftcast listeners and viewers about the number of customers and how the business is coping with churn. There’s also an illuminating discussion on what’s planned for course updates. Simon and Eric go on to chat about the Draft (nailing a few myths along the way) Racing, the Academies and Voice. In the Quickfire Questions section Eric answers many of the most often-asked questions from the community.

It’s a fascinating insight into what’s planned for the platform and the business – right from the very top.

If you’d like to watch the interview video you may do so below:

About The Author

Simon Schofield

Simon lives in Leeds, in the North of England, where grey, wet winters drive him indoors to ride. An early Zwift adopter, one day he idly wondered whether the fast-growing virtual cycling world would sustain a podcast. Fifty-plus episodes later - he has his answer - there's always something to talk about! Simon's a journalist by trade and spent many years working in TV production. He's at his happiest either drafting a big pack in Watopia or plunging down an Alpine descent with the sun in his face and the wind at his back.

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