Zwiftalizer 1.0 released: Zwift logfile analyzer and benchmark database

Zwiftalizer 1.0 released: Zwift logfile analyzer and benchmark database

After over a year of development Michael Hanney has released the official 1.0 version of Zwiftalizer, a web-based tool for analyzing Zwift logfiles.

The final product is very solid and polished. Recent changes including using https for security sitewide, plus site mirroring for reliability and sub 1-second load times.

Zwift Logfile Analysis

Zwiftalizer’s primary function is analyze your Zwift logs so you can understand your system’s performance in terms of:

  • Graphics (frames per second + resolution and other settings)
  • ANT+ signal quality and power numbers
  • Bluetooth signal quality and power numbers
  • Network errors/delays
  • Overall system rating (scale of 1-10)

Give it a try by visiting and dragging a Zwift log file onto the page.

Zwift records logs which are stored under Documents\Zwift\Logs on your system. Zwiftalizer simply digs into that file’s data and presents it in a useful way so you can quickly evaluate your system’s performance.

A note from Michael Hanney re: security: in case anyone is worried about posting their personal information (username is in the log), they can rest assured, the log file does not actually leave their computer. All the processing is done client side.

Zwiftalizer analysis results let you see exactly how well your system is performing.

Benchmarks Database

The results of each log analysis (just the results, not the log files themselves) are stored in Zwiftalizer’s Benchmarks database, allowing other Zwifters to see what level of performance particular system setups deliver.

With over 1,600 distinct systems ranked from 7,000 log files it is possible to get a very thorough picture of how hardware relates to Zwift performance. For instance, one question Zwifters often ask is “How much video card do I need?” Using Zwiftalizer’s Benchmarks, you can compare these two systems:

  • PC / Intel Core i7-6700 @ 3.40GHz / Nvidia GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2
  • PC / Intel Core i7-6700 @ 3.40GHz / Nvidia GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2

and see that the GTC 970 delivers, on average, 100fps (frames per second) while the GTX 960 delivers 69.5. (Both of these systems, by the way, deliver impressive Zwift performance!)

Zwiftalizer’s Benchmarks database contains the results of thousands of Zwift sessions across hundreds of different hardware setups.

More Zwiftalizer Stats

Here are some stats from Michael that give us further insight into Zwiftalizer usage:

  • 20,000 logs examined
  • 9,924 unique users
  • 87 countries
  • 55% use Chrome browser
  • 58% use Windows OS
  • 18% use Macintosh OS
  • 25% use a 1920×1080 (HD) display
  • Over 1,600 distinct systems ranked from 7,000 log files
  • Roughly 9% use Ultra graphics
  • Roughly 50% use Basic graphics
  • Running the site costs $1.50 a month

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