Mike Hanney has launched a new feature on his excellent Zwiftalizer log analyzer site which consolidates the results of the many log files Zwifters have shared and reports on the performance of various hardware setups in an easy-to-read format.

See the results at zwiftalizer.com/benchmarks >

According to Mike’s FAQ, he put these benchmarks together “To know when enough is enough… to make informed purchasing decisions…” Zwifters often ask questions like, “If I buy this computer, will it run Zwift at a high resolution and framerate?” These benchmarks tell us that answer.

Results are grouped by resolution (from 2160 Ultra down to 576 basic), then within each of those groups displayed by their unique OS/CPU/GPU “signature.” This allows Zwiftalizer to consolidate results from multiple users who are running the same hardware into one benchmark.

As of today there are a total of 182 different system signatures benchmarked. Got a spare minute? Help expand these benchmarks by uploading your Zwift log to Zwiftalizer.

Nice work, Mike!