Tam Burns and Team ODZ have announced the Zwift Team Worlds Race 2016 which will take place on November 19th at 1200 GMT. This is going to be a unique and huge race, so be sure to join in the fun!

The first Zwift Worlds Event (in October 2015) attracted over 280 riders from 25 countries, making it the largest single race event in Zwift’s history. This year’s event is sure to be much larger.

Unlike most Zwift races, this is a team event–meaning final rankings will be done on a per-team basis. Bringing a team element to Zwift racing makes the experience even more exciting, but it also requires a bit more planning on everyone’s part.

Race Details

  • Route: the race will use Watopia Figure 8 route. Cat A and B teams will complete 3 full laps of the course while Cat C and D will complete 2.
  • Team Size: each team will consist of 6 riders. If you aren’t yet on a team you can sign up and be assigned to a team–learn more here. Registration opens October 1st.
  • Timings: each category will have a separate start time, with all Cat D teams leaving at 1200, Cat C leaving 2 minutes later, Cat B leaving 2 minutes after C, and Cat A leaving 2 minutes after B. The race will use Zwift’s event tools to ensure an easy and fair start.
  • Scoring: The first four riders in each team to finish the race will count towards that team’s points total. Points will also be awarded for sprint section times on every lap. Teams will be ranked within their categories (eg, 1st place in Cat C), as well as cumulatively across all categories to determine the overall winning team. See this page for scoring details.
  • Rules: all riders must have heart rate data, and power-ups are allowed. See full list of rules >

Learn more about this event at the race’s website >

Here’s a video from Chris Pritchard summarizing the 2015 race: