Zwift Volcano Plus Hammerfest – February 20-24, 2017

Zwift Volcano Plus Hammerfest – February 20-24, 2017

Trapper Markelz, organizer of Zwift Hammerfests, has announced his first event of 2017: the “Zwift Volcano Plus Hammerfest!”

This five day, three stage Hammerfest will start with laps around the lava, laps around Richmond, and finishes with a double sledgehammer KOM of Fox and Box Hills. To participate, register here.

Here are the stage details…

Stage 1 – Watopia Volcano Laps – Feb 20 & 21 (48 hours)

The hammerfest begins with three (3) hard laps clockwise around the Volcano Circuit. Select “Volcano Circuit” in the course options. This will have you do an immediate u-turn from the start, veer right onto the ocean tunnel, and turn left to go around volcano circuit clockwise indefinitely. Your three fastest laps will count for a hammerfest result!


Stage 2 – Richmond Pain Cave – Feb 22 Only! (24 hours)

You only have 24 hours to slam out a single, fast, as hard as you can, almost throwing up Flat Route lap. Select the Flat Route when you start. The segment starts and ends when you turn onto W Franklin Street. Ride a couple warm up laps so you know the start and end.


Stage 3 – London Fox on Box – Feb 23 & 24 (48 hours)

This Hammerfest finishes out on both sides of the London KOM. Ride Box then Fox or Fox then Box. It doesn’t matter the order. You need both segments in a single ride to log a result! Both of your times will total up and there will only be one winner standing tall on top of it all.

Fox Hill

Box Hill

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