In the final installment of the World Championship specials, Matt, Dani and Kev cover all possible topics, from where Rohan Dennis keeps his rainbow jerseys, to what the future of Zwift Esports is.

Sitting down with both Rohan Dennis and Zwift Esports CEO Craig Edmondson, the final episode winds down from a jam-packed week of racing and podcasts.

There’s also an esports exclusive thrown in to soften the blow of no more Worlds week specials. Join Greg Henderson and Kristin Armstrong on the next episode as business returns to normal.

About the Podcast

The Zwift PowerUp Cycling Podcast features host Matt Rowe (Rowe & King), with regular co-hosts Greg Henderson (Coach Hendy) and Kev Poulton (Powerhouse Cycling). The hosts share tips on how road races can get faster in-game and outdoors.