In a 6 Day Special we let Events Specialist Dani Rowe loose on track centre at the London Velopark – where she won her Olympic gold medal in 2012. She discusses all things track, goals, and cheat meals with some of the biggest names in the game – Mark Cavendish, Elia Viviani and Katie Archibald, just to name a few.

Dani grabbed Cavendish just as he’d come off the track (you can still hear the action going on in the background!) and she cornered Barbieri in a treatment room to talk girl power, so it’s a jam-packed episode bursting at the seams with stories, ambition, and winners!

About the Podcast

The Zwift PowerUp Cycling Podcast features host Matt Rowe (Rowe & King), with regular co-hosts Greg Henderson (Coach Hendy) and Kev Poulton (Powerhouse Cycling). The hosts share tips on how road races can get faster in-game and outdoors.