Zwift on AppleTV just might be the game changer people have been waiting for. The AppleTV 4K packs a huge amount of processing power for the 3D rendering required for a solid Zwift experience. In short, nothing comes close in terms of price/performance.

Quick Summary:

  • Zwift on AppleTV 4K currently provides the best performance for the price.
  • The App is free, however you’ll need a Zwift subscription (or trial period) to use it.
  • Direct HDMI connection to a TV/screen is required.
  • No ANT+ support. Direct connections to the AppleTV are made over Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth keyboards are not supported for shortcut input similar to Mac/PC.
  • The Zwift Companion (IOS/Android) works flawlessly with Zwift on Apple TV.
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