Zwift on Apple TV – The Full A to Z User Experience (video)

Zwift on Apple TV – The Full A to Z User Experience (video)

Zwift on AppleTV just might be the game changer people have been waiting for. The AppleTV 4K packs a huge amount of processing power for the 3D rendering required for a solid Zwift experience. In short, nothing comes close in terms of price/performance.

Quick Summary:

  • Zwift on AppleTV 4K currently provides the best performance for the price.
  • The App is free, however you’ll need a Zwift subscription (or trial period) to use it.
  • Direct HDMI connection to a TV/screen is required.
  • No ANT+ support. Direct connections to the AppleTV are made over Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth keyboards are not supported for shortcut input similar to Mac/PC.
  • The Zwift Companion (IOS/Android) works flawlessly with Zwift on Apple TV.
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John Church
John Church
1 year ago

You can use an Apple blue tooth keyboard to type messages. You connect the keyboard using the general settings app. It is connected by Bluetooth but does not affect the other devices connected in Zwift (does not appear to use up a channel), you still have to hit the message button in the remote, but then you can type the message on the keyboard which is way easier … at least that is something useful and makes using the Zwift app of the Apple TV 4K a little easier!

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