February 24th promises to be an exciting day of racing on Watopia as Zwifters in 15 countries battle for the title of National Champion. This is the first time Zwift has ever organized such an event, and the turnout is going to be enormous, with hundreds of riders already signed up for each country’s race as of Friday morning.

Watch Live

Can’t race, but want to watch the action? Live video streams will be covering each race, along with commentary. Zwift Insider’s featured live streamers will be available as they come online–simply visit this site and look for the popup. Additionally, here are the details of the official race streams:

Asia Region: Live stream starts at 11 am JST/11 am KST

Europe Region: Live stream starts at 10 am CET

North America Region: Live stream starts at 11 am EST/8 am PST

15 Nations, 30 Races

For the first edition of Zwift Nats, Zwift chose the top 15 countries in terms of Zwift membership. Each country will have a men’s race (A group) and a women’s race (B group), for a total of 30 races.

Here is the full list of countries, along with the start time of the men’s races. Women’s races start 5 minutes later:

  • Australia*
  • Belgium: 9:45AM GMT
  • Canada: 4:30PM GMT
  • Denmark: 8:45AM GMT
  • France: 10:15AM GMT
  • Germany: 9:30AM GMT
  • Japan: 2:00AM GMT
  • Netherlands: 10:00AM GMT
  • Norway: 8:30AM GMT
  • Poland: 9:15AM GMT
  • South Korea: 2:15AM GMT
  • Sweden: 9:00AM GMT
  • Switzerland: 10:45AM GMT
  • UK: 10:30AM GMT
  • USA: 4:00PM GMT

*The Australian Zwift National Championships will be held later in the year. 

Zwift’s plan is to choose additional countries next year.

Course Info

Racers will be riding multiple laps on the Watopia Volcano Climb route, which is fairly flat apart from the climb segment which averages 3% over 3.7km. The climb is where we will see the most dramatic breaks happen. Read more about the Watopia Volcano Climb here >

  • Course: Watopia Volcano Climb
  • Course Distance: 22.8km (14.2 miles)
  • Elevation Gain (per lap): 192m (630′)

Men: A Group

  • Laps: 3
  • Total Distance: 68.4km (42.6 miles)
  • Total Elevation: 576m (1890′)

Women: B Group

  • Laps: 2
  • Total Distance: 45.6km (28.4 miles)
  • Total Elevation:  384m (1260′)


Be sure to read and follow the race rules (see them here), otherwise you may be disqualified in the final results even if you do well in your race.


Preliminary results will be displayed on your screen immediately after you finish Final results will be on zwiftpower.com.


There is only one prize:  the winner will receive the National Champion virtual kit to wear for one year.


New to Zwift racing? Check out our How to Race on Zwift (strategy, tips, etiquette and more) post for key tips to help you achieve your best Zwift race results. Ride on!