Join the Zwift KOM Hammerfest – April 1-5th 2016

Join the Zwift KOM Hammerfest – April 1-5th 2016

Zwifter Trapper Markelz of Boston, MA is organizing a different kind of Zwift race this April–a multi-day stage race called Zwift KOM Hammerfest!

All you have to do is sign up, ride the selected segments during the time window and you’ll be added to the leaderboard. (To be clear: each stage is essentially a solo effort, since riders don’t all begin the race at the same time.) Strava will collect the times, and Trapper’s software will grab that information and automatically update the leaderboard.

Stages are as follows (check the race homepage for details/updates):

  • Stage 1 – Individual Time Trial – April 1st
    Richmond flat course, 3 laps. 9.3 miles.
  • Stage 2 – EPIC KOM Forward – April 2nd
    Category 2 climb 5.9 miles in length with 1,361 feet of climbing on an avg grade of 3.9%, maxing out at 10.7%. 
  • Stage 3 – EPIC KOM Reverse – April 3rd-4th
    You thought this climb was hard in Stage 2? Going up the reverse side gives you a shorter climb (3.8 miles) but a steeper grade (5.8% average).
  • Stage 4 – Sprint Climb Finish – April 5th
    Take the Prefer Hills route from the start. Ride the first original KOM, U-turn at the bridge at the bottom and ride the reverse KOM. 4.2 miles total.

Questions or comments? Join the conversation about this race in the Zwift Riders Facebook group.


Learn more and sign up here >

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