Although we haven’t seen an official announcement yet from Zwift, it appears they have taken their Android version out of free beta as of last weekend.

Zwift was released as a beta product on Android in July 2018 and has been free to use since then. Zwift has continued to refine the product, posting regular updates in the Android Beta Support Forum.

As of a few days ago, Android users have reported being set to 25km trial mode, requiring them to pay the standard monthly fee if they continue to Zwift after their first 25km.

Supported Devices

The universe of Android devices is astronomically more diverse than iOS, and many of those devices are woefully underpowered when it comes to Zwift’s intensive graphics requirements.

Since the game cannot run on all Android devices, Zwift Support has compiled a list of supported devices, breaking it into two categories: Zwift Recommended and “Runs OK”.

See Zwift’s supported Android devices list >

According to Zwift Support, Zwift runs on over 2400 Android devices. Chances are, if you can see Zwift in the Play Store, you can download and run the app.