The Zwift Coaching Podcast features training tips from Matt Rowe, Greg Henderson (Coach Hendy) and Kev Poulton (Powerhouse Cycling).  Listen to Episode #4 of The Zwift Coaching Podcast to find out how often you should measure your FTP and how Zwifters with sensitive stomachs can avoid the dreaded “disaster pants.”

Discussion points for this episode are:

  • Methods of testing, when to test and how often.
  • As a new user, how can the Zwift FTP test assist you with finding your FTP?
  • How should you approach your first FTP test and what should your pace be?
  • Learn about how setting your FTP will assist with your training in Zwift and how it can be used to benefit your rides and racing indoors.
  • Is there a difference between testing indoors and outdoors and are you likely to get the same results?
  • What are power zones – what do they mean in Zwift?