The inaugural Zwift Academy Run launches today, October 15th. Here are the details on what it takes to graduate, plus more information on workouts, group events, and unlocks/prizes!

Graduation Requirements

The following requirements must be met by December 9th in order to complete Zwift Academy Run:

  • Complete all eight Workouts (individually or with a group)
  • Complete 2 ZA Run events (races or group runs)


Runners will progressively unlock in-game kit while making their way through the ZA program:

  • Running Socks
  • Adidas Shoes
  • Running Cap
  • ZA Running Shirt

With 10 total events (8 workouts, 2 group runs or races), Zwift says you’ll unlock a reward after you complete 2, 5, 7 and 10 events in any combination.

Grand Prize

Grand prize is a spot on a supported Zwift ZA Run team that will compete at the prestigious 2021 Berlin Marathon. A total of 6 finalists will be chosen for the grand prize.

Competing for a spot on the team? You must graduate Zwift Academy Run and complete both races while connected to both a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. Additionally, you must be an amateur athlete with no preexisting sponsorships and be 18 years old or older on December 31, 2020.

Be sure to read the ZA Run terms and conditions for details on the final selection process for the ZA Run Team.


Structured workouts form the heart of Zwift Academy, with each workout accomplishing very specific training/testing goals and lasting 45-60 minutes.

You must complete all 8 Zwift Academy Run 2020 workouts in order to complete the program.

These workouts can be completed individually by selecting the workout within Zwift. They can also be completed by participating in a group workout event. Lastly, if you want to do the workout with a few choice friends, you can organize a Meetup and have everyone select the same workout (more on that here).

Set Your Paces

To ensure the best results from your structured training, you’ll want to start your ZA workouts with accurate pace settings. If you don’t know the run paces you’re capable of, take the Zwift 5k Test. Make sure you are rested before completing the test for best results!

Group Runs/Races

Group runs are available at multiple paces – join the group that suits you:

  • A: 13-15 kph
  • B: 12-13 kph
  • C: 10-12 kph
  • D: 5-10 kph

Races have just one category.

Currently, there is just one group run event (30 minutes on That’s Amore) and one ZA Race event (5k on Watopia’s 5k Loop) on the schedule in repeating time slots. It appears there will be a three more group runs and a second ZA Race – watch the calendar!

Looking for More?

For details on all things ZA Run, check out the Zwift Academy Run homepage over on

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