Zwift recently rolled out a fun new feature I didn’t even know I wanted… the “Your Week On Zwift” email! Each week they’re telling us our overall progress for the week: hours spent on Zwift, number of Ride Ons given and received, number of new Zwifters we started following and started following us, total distance, total climbing, total calories burned, farthest distance and longest ride.

YOU get a Ride On and YOU get a Ride On…

The first week I got it, the email said I had given 579 Ride Ons! Apparently, I’m a really friendly Zwifter!

How did I hand out so many? I generally will pop on to the Zwift Companion App when I’m bored and give them out here and there.

But the biggest way I’ve given out so many is on a low effort (slow) ride: I’ll double-click my Position Indicator in the Zwift Companion App and it’ll give out up to 5 Ride Ons to people in my vicinity. I enjoy doing that, seeing all kinds of blue thumbs go up around me! (This is, unfortunately, unavailable when doing group rides)

What’s more important? Friendship? Or Distance?

I kept that Ride On number in my head so that I could try to give more the following week. I think it must have stuck a little too well as I ended up riding less the next week. It seems I should have had the goal of riding a longer distance or burning more calories as all of those decreased. Whoops!

Technically I still hit my goal of 80km but, well… I always enjoy knowing I’ve made improvements. This week I’ve already ridden a longer ride than the 50 minutes of the week before, so one goal met!

Why did ZHQ start sending these emails?

I caught up with Jonathan Walton, one of the two guys responsible for the emails we get. Here’s what he had to say:

“It started with co-founders Scott Barger and Jon Mayfield. They knew the Zwift community would love to get a summary of their stats, social highlights, and other notable moments over the past week. Zwift serves a ton of achievements and little moments one might forget. It’s also easy to miss a Zwift confetti celebration when you’re full-gassing it through Watopia. With that, we needed a new way to say “You’re better than you once were” by summarizing all your relevant goodies in one intimate place—your inbox.”

Jonathan went on to add that they keep a close eye on email replies as well as other areas people may express an opinion. They enjoy the feedback and are always working to improve our experience.

What about you?

What numbers are standing out to you on your own “Your Week On Zwift?” Which ones are you going to work on? Which one surprised you the most?