A while back we asked the Zwift Riders Facebook group, “What makes Zwifters special?” We received hundreds of responses… here is our first selection of 25 favorites:

  1. Pat O’Neill: Your Strava followers ask you if you are on vacation in Watopia, and when you will be back…
  2. Kenny Suh: You get your news from ZNN.
  3. Jon Hazen: One of your friends says “indoor miles don’t count”…
    And you’re no longer friends.
  4. Søren Andersen: Before sleep each night you think about which race or ride you will join when you wake up 🙏
  5. Daren Chandisingh: It’s freezing outside but you’ve got three fans going.
  6. Mark Minn: Your trainer cost more than your bike.
  7. Josh Baum: Your TV isn’t for watching TV.
  8. Mark Smith: You have three bikes and no mid thigh tan line.
  9. Niloc Forester: You dread the summer coming because you have no excuse to zwift.
  10. Dave Higgins: You’re familiar with both cycling definitions of ‘dropouts’.
  11. Mahmoud Shalaby: In the middle of a ride you discover that you forgot the jersey at home 😀
  12. Mike Smith: You are slightly disappointed the weather is nice out 🙈
  13. Steve Daniels: The maximum distance you cover when laying down 1000w is a couple of inches.
  14. Wesley Ooms: You miss the powerups when riding outside.
  15. Steven Crane: You jump off the bike and grab a sandwich when descending down the Alpe.
  16. Justin Fisher: You can descend hairpins at 50 Km/h.
  17. Tom Lockhart: You find yourself yelling “Ride On” during local shop rides.
  18. Damien Ryan: You are racing and it’s dark outside.
  19. Tom Lockhart: You hear the word “Neo” and the first thing you think of ISN’T the Matrix trilogy.
  20. Matthew Reschke: Your watts say race season, but the hair on your legs says off-season.
  21. Colin Peerman: You ride your bike for 3 hours and it has no wheels on it.
  22. Thomas Eichentopf: You visit Innsbruck, New York, Richmond, London, and the first thing you do is to check out the Zwift routes.
  23. Patrick G. Martinez: You’re disappointed your outside ride doesn’t count toward getting a Tron bike.
  24. Andrew Jones: You forget where your helmet is since you haven’t ridden outside in weeks.
  25. Katie Brady Pothier: You have fallen off your trainer at least once.

Thanks for sharing, everyone. We’ll share more in the coming weeks!