While it’s common in outdoor racing, this is a Zwift racing first: a special yellow jersey is now being given to the current leader of a Zwift race series! Men’s and Women’s leaders (6 in all) of the Kiss Crit Series have been given the yellow leader kit to wear in game, and will be seen racing in them on January 4th (the weekly series is taking the next two weeks off for the holidays).


Leaders jerseys are a long tradition in bike racing, with the Tour de France’s yellow jersey being the most famous. Frenchman Eugène Christophe wore the first yellow jersey on the TdF stage from Grenoble to Geneva on July 18, 1919 (read more about the yellow jersey’s history on Wikipedia.)

From KISS team member Glen Knight:

The crew at Zwift HQ have been working to bring the current leaders the yellow jersey. This will be given to the current race leaders shortly to wear with pride. Should the leader of the league change throughout the series the jersey will move to the new leader.

Current Yellow Jersey Owners:

Here are some of the leaders wearing the kit in game:


Hopefully other race series will be able to designate leaders jerseys in the future. This gives the leaders something to wear with pride in game while training during the week, and makes it easy to spot the leader during the actual races. Ride on!